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Research direction, "Social Ontology in the constructive-hermeneutic perspective" is based on the idea that social reality exists and is demanded (is represented in the language constructs that make up) in the language constructs making up social discourse field. Being social (Being of the social – or society) is structured within the field of social discourse, embodying social subjectivity, which defines itself at the limit point, reaching the fullness of the border. At the point limit is co-existence of social existence (at the limit point social co-existence is reached), purport (meaning or sense ) is presented as a self-reversal-thinking of subjectivity or self-determination at the "point of view," the researcher as a self-reflected social subject presenting in the unfolding knowledge system as a basic principle of the study (the method of subject-object identity).
Appeal to the ontology is defined by the requirement of a holistic approach, which ensures the preservation of sense of social subjectivity.
The method of subject-object identity allows the constitution of co-existence of social thinking of being at the point of self-identity. The point of the boundary as a limit point of the method makes it possible to transfer the subject-object identity of classical philosophy (Schelling) in the hermeneutic method "circumscription" (Heidegger) and post-modern method of radicalization (Derrida). The uncertainty of an infinite being is capable of self-determination in the structures of the limbs and certainty.
Application of the method preserves the meaning of social life as a whole is capable of self-determination at the border.